Software Development

Intellicom recruit, train and manage a pool of skilled IT personnel that are available on demand to our corporate and government clients. Our staff work with your team to deliver and support your business’ day-to-day IT requirements on premise or remotely, seamlessly integrating into your existing business workflow for a short- or long-term assignment.

Our expertise covers:

  • Agile project lifecycle management
  • Software design and development

  • Network and hardware management

  • Systems analysis and solution integration

  • User training, maintenance and support

We not only recruit the talent; we also monitor our staff’s performance and ensure they meet your business’standards of quality. Furthermore, Intellicom handles all the legal and administrative tasks such as payroll, workers compensation and staff benefit such as health insurance and annual leave to take away the staffing overhead your organization incurs when hiring non-core business related IT staff.

This way you only pay for the man hours spent on your project with no HR overheads or long-term costs like pension. This is a new cost-effective approach for hiring skilled human resource personnel on an hourly billing model designed for organizations that need custom made software solutions but do not have or do not need full time IT employees i.e. HR-As-A-Service