Location Intelligence Platform – Combining urban data, human behavioral, and business intelligence.

Data Polis

How can Datapolis help my business?

Site Selection, Catchment Area analysis

Where should I open my next brick-and-mortar location?

Product Assortment Optimization

Is this establishment providing the right products and services considering its location?

Traffic Planning

Do transportation engineers make real-time decisions based on the current traffic conditions in the city?

Mobility Planning

Where to place public transport stops and how to optimize routes?

Location Evaluation for B2B and B2C Customers

Does a certain target location meet our location preferences and success criteria?

Logistics Routes and Hubs

Does this location drive efficiency? How can we increase delivery capacity by optimizing our delivery network?

Sales Territory Management

Is my sales team efficiently distributed across the target areas?

Tenant Optimization

Who are the right tenants for my real estate portfolio?

Data Polis

Why should I choose Datapolis?


  • is a novel location intelligence and scenario planning platform that supports decision-making on finding the best matching locations and assists portfolio optimization

  • relies on cutting edge tools of data science and AI methods and large-scale urban data

  • combines descriptive urban data, inhabitant-behavioral analytics, and stakeholders’ unique preferences in a quantitative fashion

  • delivers multi-layered insights, comprehensive reports, interactive visualizations, and scenario planning about relevant urban features

Success Stories

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